History of the Land- und Golfhotel “Alte Fliegerschule”

  • 1937/38 built as an aviation technical preschool
  • subject to the Reichs Air Force Ministry
  •  from 1939 to 1945 it operated as a school
  • young men were educated as aircraft mechanic – those apprenticeships were high in demand
  • after the 4 years long apprenticeship those young men were drafted into the Wehrmacht
  • the aviator school (Fliegerschule) was supervised by educators – the classes took place in the BMW–Flugmotorenwerk Dürrer Hof
  • in addition to the apprenticeship they did the glider pilot’s license – they flew on the Harsberg, the Künkel and the Wasserkuppe
  • girls also had their chance to do this apprenticeship – they were called “M-Boys”
  • the conference room Wartburg was a sports hall, the restaurant was the dining hall and the hotel was used as a boarding school
  • on the 4th of April 1945 the Americans occupied the buildings and in July the red army
  • two years later the whole building complex got transformed into a nursing home
  • it got disbanded in 1962
  • after the inauguration of the compulsory military service the NVA used the buildings and later the border troops
  • 1990 it was shortly used to accommodate mocambiquanic guest workers
  • until it got taken over by the trust in 1992 it stood unused
  • on the 14th of March 1997 it was opened as a hotel for the first time
  • in August 2008 it got taken over by the Scherf family and it arised the Land- und Golfhotel “Alte Fliegerschule” a house full of thuringian hospitality and historic ambiance



On all pages of our website you can see  pictures, which clearly show the results of all our efforts and investments.

Today here stands, instead of neglected and unappealing barracks, a good-looking hotel with spacious greenery.

Who is a gues will acknowledge that we are still silently and discreetly working on making our hotel and its furnishings more appealing.


In addition

Some people already spent hours or years in those buildings a long time ago. What are today the appartements were where the officers and instructors had lived with their families. Many of them are visiting their old home as our guests or celebrate their birthday with us. They show their kids and grandkids their former home and tell stories of old times.

Maybe one or the other still owns some photos of that period? We would love to receive some and to display them on our page!


Please send it to us per mail at:

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You will get them back instantly, we promise!

We thank you in advance!



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